• NanoComposix’s dried gold nanopowders are formulated with polymer or alkanethiol surface coatings which allow the nanoparticles to easily be redispersed as unagglomerated dispersions in a variety of solvents. We have verified the redispersion with transmission electron microscopy (TEM), UV-visible spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering. For use in applications in diagnostics, biomedical therapies, and plasmonics. Please contact us if you would like other sizes.

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    Product Lines

    N NanoXact, 0.05 mg/mL. Narrow size distribution, wide variety of surfaces.

    D NanoXact, dried. Available only with PVP.

    B BioPure, 1 mg/mL. Purified and concentrated NanoXact. Sterile and endotoxin-free. (Not available dried.)

    E Econix, 5 mg/mL. Larger quantities, lower cost.

    D Econix, dried. Available only with PVP.


    H2O Water

    Org Organic (non-polar: hexane, toluene, chloroform, etc.)

    Dodecanethiol-Stabilized Gold Nanopowders

    • Unagglomerated after dispersion into hexane, toluene, chloroform and many other organic solvents
    • Dodecanethiol capping agent
    • Available with a size of 2 nm, 4 nm, and 5 nm with CV’s <20%.

    PVP-Stabilized Gold Nanopowders

    • Unagglomerated after dispersion into water, DMF, acetonitrile, methanol and many other solvents
    • Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) surface coating (0.1–0.5% PVP as excipient)
    • Sizes ranging from 5–100 nm with narrow distributions, CV’s <15% (<25% for Econix)


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