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Product Lines

B BioPure, 1 mg/mL. Purified and concentrated NanoXact. Sterile and endotoxin-free.

N NanoXact, 20 mg/mL. Narrow size distribution.

D NanoXact, dried. Narrow size distribution.


H2O Water

NanoComposix fabricates a variety of precisely engineered and highly characterized magnetic nanoparticles with well-defined sizes, morphologies and surface functionalization. These materials can be used to produce multi-functional composite nanoparticles, including magnetic-plasmonic and magnetic-fluorescent constructs.

Magnetite Nanoparticles

Our magnetite nanoparticles are colloidal iron oxide (Fe3O4) materials that exhibit superparamagnetic properties at ambient temperatures. This material is used in nanotoxicology and magnetic nanotechnology research and development. The size, non-toxicity, and superparamagnetic properties of the magnetite nanoparticles make them of interest for applications in many fields, including catalysis, biosensors, ferrofluids, magnetic separations and MRI contrast agents.

Magnetite NanoparticlesS

Magnetite nanospheres from nanoComposix are approximately 20 nm in diameter. This material is unagglomerated, highly concentrated, and offered in solution or as a dried powder that readily redisperses into water. The nanospheres are:

  • Approximately 20 nm in diameter
  • Surface functionalized with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
  • BioPure (1 mg/mL) and NanoXact (20 mg/mL) concentrations in a 2 mM citrate solution, or dried (dried material redispersible in water and aqueous buffers; not compatible with alcohols or organic solvents)

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