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BioReady Gold Nanoshells – NHS (Dried Kit)

  • Ultrabright label for lateral flow – up to 20× increases in lateral flow diagnostic sensitivity over 40 nm gold.

    NHS-activated gold is provided dried with conjugation kit components that make initial conjugation sweeps easy – no EDC/NHS activation required, just add purified antibody and follow our simple protocol (below).

    BioReady products are specially formulated for the attachment of a molecular recognition element such as an antibody for lateral flow and biodiagnostics. Learn more ❯

    Kit includes:

    • Lyophilized gold nanoshells that reconstitute to 20 OD; 100 µL per small unit and 1 mL per large unit
    • Easy-to-use detailed protocol (also available below to view before you buy)
    • Desalting buffer for antibody, reaction buffer, quencher, and conjugate diluent
    • Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL spin filters for antibody buffer exchange/desalt

    Small reaction kits generally require approximately 4 µg of purified antibody per unit, while the large reaction kit generally requires approximately 20 µg of purified antibody per unit.


    Materials are shipped ambient. Store with desiccant at –20°C upon receipt. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Kit Size

Product number: GSNR150-3SRF

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