• NanoComposix’s silica nanospheres are monodisperse with bare and amine-terminated surfaces.
    • Sizes from 20–1000 nm with CVs of < 12%.
    • Silica available with bare silica and amine-terminated surfaces.
    • Provided either as a dried powder or in solution at 10 mg/mL. Standard silica particles are provided in water and amine-terminated silica particles are provided in ethanol.
    • TEM, UV-Vis, and DLS data provided with every batch

    Silica shelled gold and silica shelled silver particles are also available.  

    Other sizes, surfaces and larger quantities (up to 1 kg) are available as a custom request. Use the selector tool below to see our full range of solid silica, silica core and silica shelled nanoparticles. Learn more about silica ❯