Our Gold Nanoshells Are Up to
More Sensitive than Gold Nanospheres

BioReady Gold nanospheres and nanoshells were covalently linked to Rat anti-Mouse IgG. Lateral flow assays were run with half-log serial dilutions of Mouse IgG on membranes striped with Rabbit anti-Mouse IgG.

Drop-In Integration

BioReady gold nanospheres and nanoshells are a direct replacement for other commercially available lateral flow labels. Our technical staff can help you optimize a protocol to achieve maximum sensitivity in your assay system.


Gold nanoshells have a blue color, and when used in conjunction with gold nanospheres, enable multiplexed lateral flow assays. The video below shows specific binding of blue gold nanoshells and red gold nanospheres to striped targets.

Multiple Surfaces

BioReady gold nanoparticles are available with a choice of different surface depending on your application. Please contact us to discuss which BioReady product is best for you.

Carbonate · Efficient adsorption

Ultra-clean and displaceable surface for rapid and efficient adsorption of proteins. The pH of the gold solution is pre-optimized for coupling to antibodies.

PEG-Carboxylic Acid · Flexible binding chemistry

Carboxylic acid groups on PEG-encapsulated gold nanoparticles provide anchor points for covalent protein attachment.

PEG-NHS · 1-step conjugation

Dried and dispersible, PEG-NHS gold nanoparticle powders covalently couple antibodies to the nanoparticle surface in a 1-step reaction.

Streptavidin · Biotinylated binding

Streptavidin coated gold nanoparticles strongly bind to biotin labeled targets with high specificity.


Product Name Particle Type Concentration Size λ SKU
BioReady Carbonate Nanosphere 4 OD 40 nm 520 nm AURR40
BioReady Carboxylic Nanosphere 20 OD 40 nm 520 nm AUXR40
BioReady Carboxylic Nanoshell 20 OD 150 nm 800 nm GSXR150
BioReady Streptavidin Nanosphere 10 OD 40 nm 520 nm AUIR40
BioReady Streptavidin Nanoshell 10 OD 150 nm 800 nm GSIR150
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