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Lateral Flow Immunoassays

Lateral flow diagnostics are inexpensive strip tests that can rapidly detect an analyte, disease or condition.  The test strips are disposable, can be stored at room temperature, and provide a visual result in just a few minutes.  When coupled with a digital mobile reader, the results can be quantified to measure biomarker concentrations in various sample media such as blood, urine or saliva. 

Nanoparticles for Lateral Flow Diagnostics

NanoComposix’s BioReady line of nanoparticles are robust, reliable and sensitive reporter particles that have a surface optimized for conjugation to antibodies or other targeting molecules.  The nanoparticles have either a “bare” surface for passive absorption of antibodies to the surface, or covalent binding chemistries that securely attach and orient targeting molecules.  Ultra-bright gold nanoshell reporter particles increase the sensitivity of the assays so that the full clinically-relevant range of the analyte can be detected.  

How We Can Help

NanoComposix provides a full range of lateral flow services from particle design to large scale strip manufacturing.  We work with our customers to address issues with assay sensitivity, probe stability, the use of challenging sample matrices and reader integration. Our particles are manufactured under a ISO13485 compliant quality system, made in large lots, and are extensively characterized to minimize lot-to-lot variability. 

Products and Information

BioReady Bare Gold Particles See Products BDG2
BioReady Carboxyl Gold Particles See Products BDG3
BioReady Gold Nanoshells See Products
BioReady Magnetic Gold Nanoshells GLD11
BioReady Streptavidin Particles

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