Particles & Reagents

In-stock reagents and kits for improving your assay sensitivity and reliability. Our ultra-sensitive gold nanoshells provide up to 20-fold increases in sensitivity. Covalent binding offers a simple and effective solution for difficult sample matrices and for minimizing antibody loading. A new “bare” surface on our gold nanospheres reduces cost and increases performance for passive adsorption. Learn more about our BioReady nanoparticles ❯

Assay Development

At nanoComposix, we specialize in making the difficult, possible. Our patented nanoparticle technology combined with years of experience developing lateral flow assays allow us to create high sensitivity diagnostic assays in the most difficult of matrices. We offer fully customizable detection systems using colloidal gold, fluorescent latex, paramagnetic particle, and our patented gold nanoshells that can provide up to a twenty-fold increase in sensitivity. Learn more about assay development ❯

Manufacturing & Transfer

NanoComposix is an ISO-13485 compliant institution capable of validating, transferring, and manufacturing in vitro diagnostic assays. Our experience working within a Design Control system allows for a well-controlled, documented, and traceable manufacturing process. For pilot to production scale manufacturing, nanoComposix can help you build what you need to achieve your goals. See our manufacturing capabilities ❯


Whether you are demonstrating feasibility, or preparing for manufacturing, nanoComposix can provide expert insight to all facets of assay development. Our staff of scientists have decades of experience developing, validating, and commercializing in vitro diagnostic devices. We are happy to use our pool of knowledge, to assist in developing customized solutions to any unique problem. Contact us ❯

IVD Regulatory Services

The rapid evolution of the healthcare industry over the last decade has fueled a demand for better diagnostic tools for the improved treatment and monitoring of patients. NanoComposix can provide a pathway into this market. We will navigate you through the rigors of a De Novo 510(k) submission or the regulatory requirements of a CE mark. Let us help your test become an indispensable part of the world healthcare system. Learn more about how we can help ❯

NCX University

We had to learn about lateral flow development through years of trial and error. We don‘t want you to have to start from scratch too, so we’ve written a series of easy to understand, comprehensive, 100% free courses to bring you up to speed. Nobody else is as open and transparent about the process of developing lateral flow assays as we are. Start learning at NCX University ❯