Who We Are

nanoComposix is an ISO-13485 compliant manufacturer capable of bringing assays of any size to market. Whether you are a startup looking to make pilot lots for verification, or an established company looking to scale up an existing product, nanoComposix can help you achieve your goals. Our manufacturing team and quality engineers will transform the inputs and requirements of our customers into efficient manufacturing processes that minimize risk and are capable of scaling with changing market needs. We believe that manufacturing a reliable and cost-effective assay is possible no matter the complexities or scale.

What We Offer

  • Quality & Consistency: Precisely engineered and highly characterized raw materials
  • Easy Transfer: Product transfer specialist will assist in the technical transfer of your product to our manufacturing floor
  • Scalable: We will develop customized manufacturing processes capable of being scaled in response to market needs
  • High Quality: Processes are developed in a quality-first manner in a ISO-13485 compliant QMS in order to minimize all manufacturing risk
  • Flexible: We are a customer-first company willing to work with our clients to alter manufacturing schedules to meet their needs
  • Reliable & Competitively Priced: We believe in delivering a consistent and cost-effective product no matter the complexities of the assay.

NanoComposix provides full-service lateral flow assay development services using novel ultra-sensitive nanoparticle reporters, covalent binding chemistry, and quantitative smartphone-based reader technologies. 

We Can Help at Any & Every Step

  • Technical support for selection of BioReady nanoparticles and successful integration into your system
  • Full contract lateral flow assay development or flexibility to assist with any Phase in your development cycle

Why Choose nanoComposix?

  • ISO13485 compliant in-house manufacturing of prototype lots with up to 50,000 test strips and scaled manufacturing partners worldwide for larger quantities
  • Development of competitive and sandwich assay formats for the detection of wide variety of analytes including protein hormone, steroid hormone, protein/protein complex, peptide, serological response (IgM & IgG antibodies), drugs of abuse, fungal infection, bacteria, and virus
  • Integration with multiple reader technologies for rapid, mobile, and quantitative point of care applications
  • Over $5 million awarded for government contracts to develop next generation lateral flow devices

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