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Covalent Conjugate Optimization Kit

  • Everything you need to get started conjugating to carboxyl gold nanoshells!
  • Includes validated reagents and detailed protocols to jumpstart your optimization.
  • Great for both beginners and experts at covalent EDC/NHS conjugation.

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Gold Nanoparticles

Product Size Sensitivity Conjugation type Stability in broad range of sample matrices Scalability Protocol
150 nm   Covalent PDF
150 nm   Covalent PDF
40 nm,
80 nm
Covalent PDF (40 nm)
PDF (80 nm)
40 nm Covalent PDF
40 nm,
80 nm
Passive PDF (40 nm)
PDF (80 nm)
40 nm Passive PDF

Gold Conjugates

Product Size Sensitivity
150 nm  
40 nm

The Nanoshell Advantage

Ultra-bright gold nanoshells provide up to a 20× increase in lateral flow diagnostic sensitivity over 40 nm gold nanoparticles. Combining the benefits of gold nanoshell brightness and covalent conjugate stability, gold nanoshells are recommended for achieving maximum assay sensitivity.

Gold nanoshells consist of a 120 nm silica core coated with a 15 nm thick gold shell.  Due to the plasmon resonance of the gold nanoshells, an intense blue line will be visible on white lateral flow test strips.