150 nm Gold Nanoshells for Covalent Conjugation

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  • Ultrabright label for lateral flow up to 20x increases in lateral flow diagnostic sensitivity over 40 nm gold
  • Only minor changes to existing lateral flow assays necessary to use nanoshells
  • All BioReady products are specially formulated for lateral flow and biodiagnostics
  • 120 nm silica core diameter with a 15 nm gold shell
  • Surfaces available:
    • Carboxyl (–COOH), provided at 20 OD in 0.02 potassium carbonate solution; check out our video tutorial on how to use these particles
    • NHS, provided as a dried powder with reaction kit components included (small reaction kits reconstitute to 100 µL of 20 OD gold for each unit; large reaction kits reconstitute to 1 mL of 20 OD gold for each unit)


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Which Surface Should I Choose?

Surface Binding type Pros Cons
NHS Learn more + Covalent
  • Simplest covalent conjugation procedure
  • Lyophilized powder format
  • Best for rapidly fabricating and testing conjugates
  • Must be used immediately after reconstitution with water
  • More expensive than Carboxylic Acid at larger scales

BioReady NHS gold can be covalently conjugated to primary amines (–NH2) of proteins in a simplified procedure. Covalent coupling of proteins (e.g. antibodies) to a gold nanoparticle surface yields robust and reliable gold particle conjugates. The BioReady NHS gold nanoparticles are surface functionalized with an active NHS ester to generate gold nanoparticle-antibody amide bonds, eliminating the need for the user to perform the intermediary EDC/Sulfo-NHS chemistry steps. The particles are supplied as a lyophilized powder that can be resuspended with a buffer to covalently bind to an added antibody. This coupling reaction is rapid, simple, robust and requires little optimization.

The following is included in every NHS reaction kit:

  • Antibody Purification Buffer (10 mM potassium phosphate, pH 7.4)
  • Reaction Buffer (5 mM potassium phosphate, 0.5% 20K MW PEG at pH 7.4)
  • Quencher (5% (w/v) hydroxylamine)
  • Conjugate Diluent (0.1× PBS, 0.5% BSA)

Antibody purification spin filters (Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL Filters 10 kDa) may also be purchased with your nanoparticles.

Carboxyl Learn more + Covalent
  • Maximizes sensitivity
  • More cost effective at large production scales
  • Requires additional EDC/Sulfo-NHS activation step

BioReady carboxyl (–COOH) gold is an effective and economical nanoparticle for covalent conjugations to proteins through carbodiimide crosslinker chemistry. Covalent coupling of proteins (e.g. antibodies) to a gold nanoparticle surface yields robust and stable gold particle conjugates. The nanoparticles are surface functionalized with a tightly bound monolayer that contains terminal carboxylic acid functional groups which can be activated through EDC/Sulfo-NHS chemistry to generate gold nanoparticle-antibody amide bonds. The EDC/Sulfo-NHS chemistry requires an extra step to activate the carboxyl group but can be performed at scale at reasonable cost, making carboxyl gold the most cost-effective method of covalently binding antibodies to gold.

Certificate of Analysis Examples

Please note that these are representative Certificates of Analyses (CoAs) provided as examples for this product. We provide a unique batch-specific CoA with each product during shipment; only the CoA that arrives with your product should be referred to for actual characterization and measurement data. If you would like an electronic copy of the CoA for the product you received or the material(s) we currently have in stock, please contact us.

Product Line Surface Example CoA Product # Price
BioReady Carboxyl, 20 OD GSXR150-5M €145+
BioReady Carboxyl, 20 OD GSXR150-30M €615+
BioReady Carboxyl, 20 OD GSXR150-100M €1,720+
BioReady NHS, Dried Download Example ↓ GSNR150-3SRF €250+
BioReady NHS, Dried Download Example ↓ GSNR150-10SRF €605+
BioReady NHS, Dried Download Example ↓ GSNR150-1LRF €605+

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Gold nanoshells produced under license to US patent numbers 6,344,272, 6,685,986, and 7,371,457. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.