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Gold Conjugation Kit for Lateral Flow·

In support of our customers’ efforts to address the global community’s urgent need for rapid point-of-care COVID-19 testing, we are temporarily offering 50% off this kit for first-time customers (use discount code “KIT-50” at checkout), as well as our High Sensitivity Gold Conjugation Kit.

nanoComposix Gold Conjugation Kit offers the advantage of covalent binding in two different gold sizes – 40 nm and 80 nm – to quickly screen and optimize gold conjugates for robust, high-performing lateral flow assays.

This kit eliminates the need to pre-screen and validate critical reagents and supplies to ensure your best chance of success. Kit components include:

  • BioReady carboxyl 40 nm or 80 nm gold particles, 20 OD
  • Desalting column for removal of interfering reagents (NaCl, azide, tris, glycine)
  • EDC and Sulfo-NHS
  • All buffers necessary to complete the conjugation
  • Step-by-step conjugation procedure and optimization
  • New: Complementary 2 hours of technical and assay development support

No experience needed! Our kit is the optimal solution for conjugation experts and anyone new to lateral flow looking to improve existing tests or develop the next novel LF assays.


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First-time customer? Use offer code “KIT-50” at checkout for 50% off your first kit purchase. Only applies to 1 kit per person.

Product number: AUZR40-10M

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Specifications & CoA

TEM Diameter Size Distribution (CV) Example Certificate of Analysis
(How do I read this?)
40 nm ± 4 nm ≤ 15% Download Example CoA
80 nm ± 5 nm ≤ 15% Download Example CoA

Note: approximate ranges below are dependent on diameter

  • Hydrodynamic diameter (DLS): TEM diameter plus 0 to 30 nm
  • Zeta potential: –25 to –80 mV
  • pH of solution: 5.5 to 7.0
  • Particle surface: PEG12-carboxylic acid
  • Solvent: Milli-Q water
  • Peak wavelength (λmax): 525 to 545 nm

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